You can see only some of my 400 000 photos taken during about five years!!!

Hi!  This is Tytus Kondracki  born  in Krakow on November the 29 th. The year? Guess! I  took my first picture over five years ago and began the adventure with photography. As I am zodiacal Sagittarius you will find me here, there,  and everywhere… in Krakow, in Poland, in Europe, in the World… in the sky, under the water, and…   in front of a film camera.

My first photo was taken at school in 2007 when the Ministry of Education , Roman Giertych ordered : Uniforms for everybody at school. And this is my schoolmate in a uniform.

And this is me with a little  mouse and two models Ania Płonka & Kasia Kamień in March 2010.