2013/2014 Stypendist of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for Outstanding Achivements in Art.

2012/2013 Stypendist of  the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for Outstanding Achievements in Art.

War correspondent training certificated by Ministry of Defence.


2023 Official Selection – Grand Press Photo Category : Climate, responsibility

2017 Official Selection in European People’s Party contest “My Europe, My Rights”

2015 Official Selection to top 20 pictures in Elanco photo competition Farm The Future

2015 Official Selection to Phodar Biennial in Bulgary

2013 Official Selection  in Design & Fashion Film Festival 

2013 1st place in Galicia Jewish Museum contest – “They tried to wipe them out. Traces remain”.

2012  2nd place  in photo astronomical contest on Venus transit

2012  honorable mention by Korona Kielce in Salon FOTO Art – FOTO/SPORT contest

2012  honorable mention in  “Wielopokoleniowo, wielokolorowo”  contest, Warsaw

2011  1st place in Sandisk “Between photography and film” contest – Category :  Changes – Society

Member of : SDP (Polish Journalist Association) & IFJ (International Federation of Journalist)

Photo & Film Clients: The Royal Family of Jordan, Government of Barcelona, Red Bull, Mercedes, Bonarka City Center, Myspace, NiNA (National Audiovisual Institute) , Google , Tesco , Film Commision, Bialcon , Natura, Yo Media, KGM, Jubinale & Polish Jewellery, Eventroom, Audio-tech, Open Media,  Krakow Hotels, Platinium Fitness, House Brand PR, Akademia Stylizacji M.P. Babicz , Liberglob / Pod Globusem , Opencoffekrk, HIVE53, Maniewski Hair & BodyAcademy, Dietl MWS, Ignatianum, Film Spring Open, Ikea, Apius Technologies, Galeria Bronowice, Auchan, Immochan, Crossfit 72D, Farmona, Chili Cosmetics, Face Art Make-up School, AM art-media, Media5 – special events – , Alvernia SA, Alvernia Content part of Alvernia Studios, K2 , Coca-Cola, Slow Fashion Cafe, Empik, Sobiesław Zasada Automotive , CBRE, Galeria Kazimierz, Ocrcreations, Wojas, Institute of Music & Dance, Czas Gentlemanów, Znak, Lutomski.wino, Wodecki Twist Festiwal, Fundacja im. Zbigniewa Wodeckiego, Concept Music Art, Philip Morris International, AGH – University of Science and Technology , Burda Books  .

Private photography for musicians, fashion designers, models, celebrities including backstage.

Books:  2011 – Fashion People , 2012-  Fashion People Colours

Exhibitions : 2018 –  City Pulse – OPe Gallery Rzeszów 2015 – Elanco competition Farm The Future – Madrid, Spain (Colegio Oficial de Veterinarios de Madrid) , London , UK (Google Building), Warsaw, Poland (Warsaw University of Life Science – SGGW), Paris , France (Dorothy’s Gallery) , Berlin, Germany  (International Green Week) 2015 – PHODAR Biennal in Bulgary –   No vice is greater than fear  2015 – City Pulse – Journalist Club ” Pod Gruszą”  2014 Off Plus Camera Film Festival guests by Tytus Kondracki – Ars Cinema,  Krakow 2014 – “Crazy Krakow” – Kraków, Śródmiejski Ośrodek Kultury  2013 – Behind the fashion scene – 16.03-21.04 Empik Rynek Główny 5 Krakow  2013 – Astronomical Calendar (print media) – Venus Transit Contest  2012 – Salon FOTO Art (Kielce) – FOTO/SPORT contest 2012 – Powszechny Theather  , Łowicka Center ,  Luna Art Center Cinema –  “Wielopokoleniowo, wielokolorowo…” – contest, Warsaw 2012 – ZPAF Gallery Warsaw – Sandisk contest  2012 – Photo Icons  – 5 years of “Krakowska Witryna Fotograficzna” , 2007-2019 – “Krakowska Witryna Fotograficzna” , 2011 – ZPAF Gallery Warsaw – Sandisk contest

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Special lectures for Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design

Charity organization: Viva, Greenpeace, Polish Green Network, Polish ADHD organization, music concert for NGO by M1 shopping center, Help-Portrait ,ZB eco (part of fundation FWIE) – ecology, Juliada by Studio2 & U Siemachy.

Co-operation : Off Plus Camera Film Festival & TVN, SAPU , Plich, Hair Styling M.P. Babicz, Kiss Paris, Promedia,Pajaro, BGN, Zieloni 2004 (party), SDPL (Polish Social Democratic party) , POU (Polish Open University), , WBP (Krakow Public Library),Magellan Prize by University of Economy in Krakow, MKOL.

TV – Producer, Director of photography, AVID cutter, Sound Engineering, Lightning, Live cover, Live connecting with other studios, Research. Materials for : Superstacja, Polsat Group – prime time breaking news.

Actor & live photographer for NY Art group at Open’er Music Festival in Gdynia.
Acting in a film “Boxer” by Tomasz Blachnicki as a photojournalist (sports photographer)

Advertising specialist – consulting for Lotos & Fundation for UJ (Jagiellonian University) – ecology contest.